Issu Miela

Wearing a ridiculously over-sized hat festooned with bright feathers, this young man cuts a dashing figure. A wide belt—heavy with pouches—accents his slender build.

Issu Miela (NG male human wizard 1) parades himself about town wearing tight-fitting garb—for the ladies. A dashing chap with much potential for wizardry, he is overly preoccupied with carousing and is ever in search of the next debauch. He’s done a bit of adventuring but views it only as a means to an end—securing more gold for his life of revelry and fun.

Personality: Despite being in his hormone’s thrall, Issu is a genuinely nice man who is ever searching for his next partner. There is no malice in him, but he is easily distracted. (This is mainly why he is not a more accomplished wizard). 

Mannerisms: Issu unconsciously strikes poses designed to accent his figure and general appearance.

Hook: Issu takes a fancy to a female member of the party and introduces himself in an overly flowery and courteous fashion. Clutching a bottle and wine and two glasses, he suggests the two of them get to know each other “much better”.


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