Jalmari Ehtaro

A trail of accidents trails in the wake of this friendly, but clumsy, boy.

Oblivious to his surrounds, this peasant boy wanders along barely able to see out from under a great mop of unkempt curly dark brown hair.

Jalmari (NG young male human) is epically clumsy; when he’s around, things break. Jalmari has no malice, he doesn’t mean to break anything, but—sadly—he is often off in his own dream world filled with fantastical adventures and doesn’t pay attention to his surrounds.

Personality: Pleasant and surprisingly well-mannered, Jalmari has many friends in the locality. He loves playing elaborate make-believe games when he is not working. He has a deep fear of the supernatural. 

Mannerisms: Slightly shy, Jalmari likes to hide behind his unkempt mop of hair. 

Hook: Jalmari is poor and often has to work in temporary jobs to pay for the things he broke. Thus, the PCs could encounter him anywhere; and when they do, he’ll probably break something!


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