Joosef Kupias

Wearing a dirty cloak with a heavy cowl hiding his face in deep shadow this pitiful figure kneels by the side of the road his hands clasped as if in prayer. A bell hangs around his neck.

Joosef Kupias (N male human fighter 2) pitifully begs by the side of the road. His deeply cowled hood and the bell hanging around his neck alerts all nearby that Joosef is a leper, and they should not get too close. The living death has consumed much of Joosef’s face; his nose is all but gone, and pieces of his left cheek and right ear are missing.

Personality: Joosef was once a proud warrior, but his lord abandoned him when it became evident he had become infected with the living death. Joosef plots revenge against his old lord and his once-friends who left him to his fate. He is in a pitiful state—barely surviving in a small cave hidden in a dell about half a mile from the road. 

Mannerisms: With a strange, nasally voice and a bad case of the shakes, Joosef keeps his cowl up to hide the horrendous disfigurement caused by the disease which slows consumes him. 

Hook: Joosef begs for coins of food from the PCs. If they take pity on him and treat his disease, Joosef is surprised and suspicious. If the PCs cure him, they have a friend—and perhaps a man-at-arms for life.


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3 thoughts on “Joosef Kupias

    • Thanks Ethan! I’m looking forward to introducing Joosef to my players. I’m wondering if they’ll panic and flee or try to help him!