Juhana Airikka

Not all he seems, this beggar-thief is a consummate actor.

This beggar’s stare is blank and vacant. He wears ragged clothes, and the grime of the street is upon him.

Juhana (N male human rogue 2) skulks about the city watching for ripe, unsuspecting victims for his criminal gang. A skilled actor, Juhana has developed several different “street” personalities. 

Personality: Juhana doesn’t like violence or confrontation, but enjoys stalking his prey. Intelligent—but not as intelligent as he thinks he is—he leaves the thuggery to companions better suited for such brutish practises. Juhana is also patient and stalks his prey for days on end before unleashing his fellows.

Mannerisms: A blank, vacant stare is Juhana’s trademark. He can maintain it in almost any circumstance.

Hook: Juhana spots the PCs and follows them—he knows adventurers sometimes carry much portable wealth and often relax “hard” after their travails (and thus may be easy pickings). The PCs might spot Juhana and wonder why the beggar always seems to be nearby.


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