Juhani Aikamieli

Drunk, fat and wealthy merchant in a bad mood looking for an argument.

Ruddy-faced and portly, this middle-aged man has his thumbs tucked into his richly decorated belt. He wears the robes of a prosperous merchant.

Juhani (N middle-aged male human) deals in all manner of wines and spirits and has grown fat and wealthy from his business dealings. Influential behind the scenes in the city’s nightlife he can break a high-class business by denying them access to the best drinks he has to offer.

Personality: Juhani has strong feelings on a wide range subjects, and—oddly—believes many people view him as a leader. Sadly, his belligerent nature and pretentious demeanour mean many of his acquaintances avoid him wherever possible.

Mannerisms: When arguing, Juhani uses expansive and aggressive body language—often waggling his fingers in the other person’s face—to make his point.

Hook: Juhani is in a bad mood, and a little drunk, when he encounters the PCs. He orders the PCs to step aside—he is a prominent merchant after all. If they refuse, he remembers the party and badmouths them to other merchants of his acquaintance. 


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