Kaapo Otava

A large handlebar moustache frames this man’s handsome face. He wears mail and shield, has a longsword at his hip and carries a thick cudgel casually in his right hand. 

Kaapo Otava (LG male human fighter 1) serves in the town watch as a corporal and knows Dulwich’s alleyways and lanes well. Universally disliked by Dulwich’s underworld for being virtually incorruptible he works long hours to keep the town’s thieves, con artists and the like in check. He currently works the marketplace, and the chance of pickpocketed has dramatically reduced therein as a result.

Personality: Resolute, stern and inflexible Kaapo would have made a good paladin, but his humble, impoverished upbringing precluded such a path. Kaapo has great respect for people’s property and hates thieves. He’s also more than a little bit suspicious of adventurers—trouble seems to follow such folk like flies follow a dung collector’s cart.

Mannerisms: Kaapo has a deep, booming voice and loudly clears his throat before issuing important statements.

Hook: Kaapo decides one or more of the PCs look a bit “dodgy” and wanders over to introduce himself. He offers them a guarded hello and proceeds to lecture them on the importance of following Dulwich’s rules and laws.


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