Kaisa Saarelainen

Drunk, lonely widow who thinks she recognises one of the PCs.

Short with a slight hunchback this elderly woman has a shock of shoulder-length white hair and brown eyes. She dresses well for a peasant and carries a full bag in her right hand.

Kaisa Saarelainen (NG old female human) is seemingly cheery. Popular in the local area she has many friends. She is better off than many of her neighbours, but is a widow; her husband died of a wasting disease a decade ago. 

Personality: A borderline alcoholic, Kaisa is kind and generous. She loves reading and is surprisingly knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects. Kaisa is lonely—she misses her husband—but hides it well. 

Mannerisms: When drunk, Kaisa is overly touchy with men, and laughs at the slightest provocation. 

Hook: Kaisa has had too much to drink, and is momentarily confused and disorientated when she encounters the party. She thinks she recognises one of the PCs and strikes up a conversation. 


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