Kaleva Neuvo

Superlatively skilled this weaver’s skill is much in demand.

With short-cropped black hair that blends with his neatly tended beard, the stocky man wears baggy, ill-fitting clothes. A frown of concentration mars his face. 

Kaleva (N male human) is a skilled weaver much in demand among the merchant class who often engage him to decorate the inside of their shops with beautiful tapestries and rugs. Kaleva’s sister manages most of his business dealings as Kaleva does not understand money or what his designs are worth. 

Personality: Kaleva is breathtakingly stupid. The only thing that matches his stupidity is his gullibility. Chatty, Kaleva will talk with almost anyone about anything. 

Mannerisms: Kaleva speaks with a lilting, sing-song voice. He is never without his small notebook and often stops what he is doing to sketch a bird, street scene or something else inspiring. 

Hook: Kaleva is such a skilled weaver several local wizards have begun to theorise his tapestries and rugs could be imbued with magical powers. One such wizard plots his kidnap and has minions watching the weaver to learn his routine. 


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