Kalle Antero

This red-haired man sports the beginnings of a beard. He wears his coat’s collar up around his neck—almost hiding a series of livid, purple bruises about this throat

Kalle Antero  (LE male human fighter 3) fumes at the disaster that was his last adventure. Half his party died, and he was almost strangled to death by a foul aberration with long tentacle-like arms. Kalle is not happy.

Personality: Disciplined—except in battle when he becomes a whirling demon of destruction—Kalle is outwardly a composed, together fellow. His discipline, however, hides a roiling anger— anger he barely keeps in check. Kalle doesn’t suffer fools lightly and sees failure as weakness. He loves sailing and fishing—he finds peace on the ocean waves—and want to buy his own boat.

Mannerisms: Kalle grinds his teeth when angry or frustrated. 

Hook: Kalle is angry and looking for a way to blow off steam. He’s looking for a fight—or a group of adventurers who want to add an angry, homicidal maniac to their party at short notice.


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