Kauro Otra

A borderline alcoholic, this strange man makes a living serving as a guide to adventurers visiting the city.

With greying hair, deep bags under his eyes and a paunch this man does not exude an aura of health and vitality. He wears serviceable but obviously cheap clothes of unfashionable cut.

Kauro (LN middle-aged male human expert 1) knows the city better than most and is well known, but not necessarily well-liked, in a surprisingly varied range of establishments. A borderline alcoholic, Kauro is rarely abroad in the morning and prefers to work at night, when—in his mind—the city comes alive.

Personality: A pedant, with a wide range of trivia at his disposal, Kauro believes himself to be of above average intelligence. Whatever the truth of the matter, he lacks emotional intelligence and has trouble understanding people’s motivations and reactions. 

Mannerisms: Kauro has a “distinctive”, surreal sense of humour and often makes jokes few people understand.

Hook: Kauro approaches the PCs to offer his services as a guide. If his services are engaged, he exhibits a remarkable ability to guide the PCs to a wide range of taverns and the like. 


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