Kirsti Paaso

Plump and well dressed this smiling woman is heavily made up and wears fine robes trimmed with fox fur.

Kirsti Paaso (LE female human expert 2) worked hard for her money, but not as hard as her workers. Kirsti owns a lumber business and is an influential figure in Dulwich. Her employees do not enjoy good wages or good living conditions; Kirsti pays what she can get away with—after all, money in their pocket is not in her pocket, and there are always more workers.

Personality: Ruthless, but law-abiding, Kirsti lusts for money above all else, because with money comes power—power to bend others to her will and power to live the life to which she is entitled. Kirsti loves the fine things in life—wine and food chief among them. She does not feel guilty that many of her workers can barely put food on the table—she believes in will power and self-determination; it’s not her fault they choose to work for so little.

Mannerisms: Smug at her good fortune and business acumen, Kirsti is normally smiling. A master of small talk, she is adept at saying much without saying anything of note. 

Hook: Kirsti is accosted by a ragged man who screams at her about his starving family and her total lack of conscience. She initially brushes the man away, but when he moves to strike her, she calls for help. (After this incident, Kirsti hires several tough bodyguards to keep the riff-raff away).


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