Kivutar Lempiä

An enigmatic smile caresses this beautiful woman’s face. She has immaculately combed pale brown hair and wears a gold necklace set with three large orbs. 

Kivutar Lempiä (LG female human cleric [Darlen] 4) struggles to be taken seriously because of her beauty. She was orphaned and then abused in her early years, and dreams of setting up an orphanage to save as many children as possible from such a fate. Her last group broke up over an argument about treasure distribution—Kivutar wanted to use most of the funds to set up an orphanage while the others did not.

Personality: As brave as any other adventurer Kivutar greatly desires to do Darlen’s work. She hates evil and sees its sinister, malign presence everywhere. She loathes those who abuse the helpless and the weak.

Mannerisms: Her golden necklace was her mother’s, and she always wears it. When nervous or distressed, she touches one of the orbs and whispers a brief prayer to her patron.

Hook: Kivutar has heard of the party’s exploits and wants to learn more about them. She approaches them, to see if they are the kind of people with whom she would like to associate. She is upfront about her desire to set up an orphanage. 


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