Klaus Arpia

Wearing a faded, over-sized red tricorn hat, this short, stocky and muscular man stands out from the crowd. 

Klaus Arpia (NE male human fighter 2) believes his red tricorn hat once worn by the legendary bard and pirate captain Vilimzair Aralivar. Klaus loves his hat, and he is never without it.

Personality: Klaus believes he is a ferocious hard-man. Although he is a skilled warrior, Klaus has never witnessed the savagery of a frothing, berserk orc and has no real understanding of how violent the world can be. Still, he acts and dresses the part  of a veteran warrior well. Klaus thinks he is a natural leader and craves the acceptance and praise of other skilled warriors. Klaus loves music and wishes he had a good singing voice, but sadly he does not.

Mannerisms: Klaus speaks in a low, gravelly voice and often frowns (to make himself look tougher and meaner).  

Hook: Sizing up the party, Klaus swaggers up to the toughest-looking PC and introduces himself. He tries to ingratiate himself with his target and quickly begins to tell tales of his own heroics. Any story the PC tells reminds Klaus of a similar event in his life that was just slightly more exciting or daring. 


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2 thoughts on “Klaus Arpia

  1. Excellent! Very flavorful and entertaining. I look forward to including this one in my campaign. Thanks, Creighton!