Klaus Ihamuoto

Trim and well dressed and sporting a carefully-tended short, black beard this man wears an open smile on his face.

Klaus Ihamuoto (NG middle-aged male expert 2) knows Dulwich and much of the surrounding area well and speaks several languages including Common, Halfling and Orcish. A useful and trustworthy dragoman Klaus is available for the princely sum of 1 gp a day to act as an interpreter and guide.

Personality: Pleasant and likeable Klaus prides himself on both his local knowledge and his ability to get on with almost anyone. He enjoys meeting new people and is gregarious. Able to deal with a certain level of hardship if travelling, Klaus is also a hard bargainer. He knows his worth and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

Mannerisms: Klaus has a firm handshake and often claps people on the back—sometimes in a somewhat patronising fashion.

Hook: Klaus isn’t particularly brave and won’t enter obviously dangerous adventuring locales, but he does know where several such places lie. If the PCs search Dulwich for a guide, Klaus’ name inevitably and quickly emerges. Klaus has an array of high-quality travelling gear for use with his job.


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