Lasse Asikka

Attempting a look of studied nonchalance as he wanders this young man merely succeeds in looking awkward. He wears fashionable clothes of good quality and appears to have money.

Lasse Asikka (CN male human fighter 1) masquerades as a member of the nobility but has humble origins as the second son of a wool merchant. Lasse craves acceptance in Dulwich’s high society, but his reputation as an indolent slacker hinders his upwards progress.

Personality: Lasse doesn’t believe in work—it is beneath him and is too good to have a trade or anything so pedestrian. Lasse enjoys carousing and attending various social events on his family’s behalf—even when not invited.

Mannerisms: Overly theatrical in his speech, gestures and emotion, Lasse speaks like he thinks a noble would speak.

Hook: Lasse believes he instinctively knows what is stylish and consequently is always out shopping for the latest fashion. He is running up considerable debts—debts his father will struggle to pay. Lasse takes a fancy to something one of the PCs is wearing and tries to buy it. Obviously, he doesn’t carry money, but his father will pay…


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