Looting the Bandit’s Body

Bandits carry many odds and ends about their person. Victorious adventurers are sure to loot the fallens’ bodies.


Use this list, to add colour and flavour to the proceedings:

  1. One silver teardrop earring worth 2 gp hangs from the bandit’s left ear. The bandit’s long, lank black hair hides the earring from a casual search.
  2. A battered tinderbox, 4 sp, a short length of twine and a whetstone fill the bandit’s pouch.
  3. In his boot, the bandit has hidden a dagger with a curious curved blade design. The weapon is obviously old, and is missing its tip.
  4. This bandit had a short length of red silk hidden behind his belt. (He took the scrap of silk from an ex-lover to remember her by). 
  5. A thick leather cloak with a deep cowl fills the bandit’s backpack along with other odds and ends including a waterskin, a day’s worth of rations and a small sack.
  6. This bandit collected daggers; he has four hanging from his belt and one shoved into each boot. His belt pouch contains a whetstone and small dirty rag along with a small oil flask.
  7. This bandit wore a leather necklace on a thong around his neck. Four small silver charms—misshapen leaves—or perhaps clover leaves—hang from the thong. The charms are worth 3 gp as a set.
  8. A small sketchbook and several sharpened chunks of charcoal fill a small sack stuffed into the bandit’s pack. Pictures of local wildlife scenes as well as scene of village life fill much of the book. 
  9. A book with a torn cover contains a series of local tales, legends and songs. The book once belonged to a bard—it was his commonplace book—until he fell afoul of the group. Its current owner has added a few stories of his own—the change in handwriting is noticeable toward the end of the book. 
  10. A pair of fine leather gloves are tucked into this bandit’s belt, Clearly, they are not his; monogramed initials—A.H.—decorate both gloves. The bandit also has a beautifully carved pipe and a pouch of expensive pipe-weed. The pipe looks like a dragon—the pipe’s smoke issues from its mouth,
  11. The bandit wears a slender golden ring on the smallest finger on his left hand. The ring is of elven artifice and beautifully wrought, but this is not immediately evident as the bandit has covered it in dirt and mud to make it look virtually valueless. (Perhaps he feared a companion would steal it). 
  12. Tucked under his jerkin, this bandit wears a primitive tribal necklace—something a barbarian, goblin or orc might wear. The necklace could foreshadow another local threat the PCs might soon meet; the necklace could be a piece of war booty or a gift—depending on whether the bandits are friendly with their “neighbours” or not. 


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6 thoughts on “Looting the Bandit’s Body

  1. This has to be one of the best bits of GM’s miscellany I’ve seen so far. There are plot hooks, bits of loot, and a touching bit of humanity–the simple juxtapositioning of banditry with the earnest pursuit of genuine art shows that bandits are people, too. More like this, please!