Loviisa Koira

Betrayed by one of her gang, this serial criminal of the vilest sort is soon to flee the city.

With short black hair oiled flat again her scalp, this lean, pale-skinned woman appears ill at first glance. Her brown eyes gleam with an almost unnatural light, and she moves with feline grace.

Loviisa (NE female human fighter 2/rogue 1) is a murderer and kidnapper of the vilest sort. She only goes abroad during the day swathed in a hooded cloak. She is currently making plans to flee the city for pastures new after she killed her latest victim—Aatami Lempo—the young son of Aarto Lempo (LG male human) a merchant of some worth. Aarto paid the ransom, but Loviisa couldn’t be bothered to return his son. His small body was fished from the river a week ago, and she has been hiding ever since.

Personality: Odious and without mercy, Loviisa finds kidnap and murder easy to justify. She enjoys her work. She does not tolerate fools likely and often kills her cronies after a job. 

Mannerisms: Loviisa does not blink; her stare is cold and utterly without compassion.

Hook: Seeking to leave the city, Loviisa is attempting to transform her wealth into portable gemstones and the like. She is patronising a store or stall dealing in such items at the same time as the PCs. Her be-cloaked appearance might arouse their suspicions.


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