Lucia Seppo

Wearing stout boots and an ample cloak this woman also wears the white vestments of a priest of Conn. She smiles wearily at the sight of you and raises one hand in greeting.

Lucia Seppo (LN female human cleric [Conn] 1) walks Ashlar’s roads and trail on a pilgrimage to visit every temple of the Father in the duchy. She is footsore and weary.

Personality: Welcoming and friendly, Lucia is particularly happy to meet a fellow worshipper on the road. Lucia’s pilgrimage hides an underlying malaise: while she is steadfast in her beliefs, she has yet to find her place in the world and worries Conn has not yet revealed his plan for her. Perceptive PC speaking with Lucia may detect a hint of worry or doubt in her words.

Mannerisms: Lucia laces her conversation with phrases such as, “Blessed be the Father” and the like, at every eventuality. 

Hook: Particularly keen to talk with other clerics, Lucia questions them extensively about their calling and how they decided on their path in life. She’s fascinated by any tales of omens, divine messages and the like.


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One thought on “Lucia Seppo

  1. I like this one. Lucia seems very brave to undertake this pilgrimage on her own! I can envision her rapidly discerning that it would be in her best interest to travel with others for protection, or instead quickly meeting a sad fate.