Lusia Puukko

Cheery peasant who through sheer handwork keeps her family from the gutter.

Clad in peasant clothes, this woman carries a basket on one hip. Scraggly straw blond hair surmounts her thin face which is dominated by a prominent mole on her left cheek. She has a ready smile.

Lusia (NG middle-aged female human) has a large brood of children and a wastrel of a husband who has grandiose plans which never seem to come to fruition. 

Personality: Well used to hard work, Lusia is aged beyond her years by the relentless toil she must undertake to keep her eight children fed and clothed. Outwardly cheery, she is close to a mental breakdown.

Mannerisms: Lusia almost always has a smile on her face; perceptive observers can see the falseness of it in her eyes. A smile—along with outward optimism and good spirits—is the way she keeps going. 

Hook: Times are hard, and money is tight. Lusia approaches a PC to see if they need a cook, washerwoman or general servant (or maid for a female PC). 


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