Magdaleena Himottu

A faded patchwork of scars decorates this muscular woman’s forearms and lower legs. Her long black hair—tied up in a ponytail—dangles halfway down her back.

Magdaleena Himottu (LE female human fighter 3) exults in the frenzy of battle, the clash of arms and the screams of the wounded and dying. She has been a warrior since she reached majority and knows no other life. She has served as a mercenary and bodyguard; she currently wanders the land as an adventurer.

Personality: Strong-willed and disciplined, Magdaleena is perceptive and a shrewd judge of character. In battle, she is merciless and seemingly knows no fear. She has never encountered a physical challenge she could not overcome. Magdaleena is not overtly evil, but she is uncaring and self-centred. Once given, her word is her bond, which has made her an in-demand bodyguard in the past.

Mannerisms: Magdaleena has a harsh, discordant laugh. It is the last thing scores of enemies have heard. After battle, she makes sure all her fallen enemies are dead.

Hook: Magdaleena craves adventure and excitement and approaches the party to see if they require an extra warrior.


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