Marke Äiniö

As skinny as a waif this young woman has a child’s frame. Blond hair surmounts her cheery, smiling face. She wears a commoner’s street clothes.

Marke Äiniö  (NE female human rogue 2) acts tough but is really frightened most of the time. A small-time pickpocket and cutpurse, Marke hangs around other adventurers but isn’t brave enough to join an expedition out of the city. Her knowledge of the alleys and lanes of the Shambles and Fishshambles is almost unparalleled. 

Personality: Selfish, and out only for herself, Marke’s early years have proved to her she can only rely on herself. She lusts after wealth and comfort but isn’t brave enough to seize most opportunities. Although a coward, she has killed before—normally when a drunken mark awakens from his slumber to discover her robbing him. She doesn’t like killing but will do so again if she must.

Mannerisms: Marke makes herself as small and non-threatening as possible in most social situations.

Hook: Marke follows the PCs on their latest carouse; if a chance presents itself she tries to steal one of their money pouches. If caught, she acts the helpless waif and flees as quickly as possible.


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