Matias Arpia

In the confusing throes of adolescence, this boy is brash, belligerent and heading for a fall.

Tall and bulky, this young man has short black hair and grey eyes . He walks with a cocky swagger.

Matias (CN young male human commoner 1) is but fourteen years old but believes he is already tougher and more intelligent than almost everyone he meets. Matias has great potential and could be a skilled warrior or wizard—if a strong individual were to take him into service.

Personality: Matias is finding his way in the world and currently believes—essentially—that might equals right. While he does not go looking for fights he is eager to test himself. Matias is not stupid—in fact far from it—and does not challenge heavily armed adventurers.

Mannerisms: Matias speaks quickly, but is not eloquent. He enjoys a bout of friendly wrestling and is often (good-naturedly) fighting with his friends. 

Hook: Matias can’t wait to be in a barroom brawl and can often be encountered in bars and taverns waiting for fists to fly. He is not as tough as he thinks he is and quickly gets out of his depth in such a fight. 


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