May’s New Releases

This month, Raging Swan Press releases the following exciting new books:

If you enjoy our books, please sign up to our Patreon campaignBecause we think our patrons are heroes, for as little as $5 a month, they get everything listed above! Join us.

And—even more marvellously—the Raging Swan Press Megabundle is running for the entire month over at the d20FSRD store! If you want a huge bundle of 200 PDFs at a 95% discount, check it out!

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3 thoughts on “May’s New Releases

  1. Love your work, but let me say it is frustrating seeing that mega bundle for $30. that is more content then I bought from last year and I spent at least $100 on your books alone.

    • I’m sorry the promotion frustrated you, but I’m delighted you’ve signed up to our Patreon. Thank you very much for your support!