20 Things to Find in a Mine Cart

Many things can be found stored, hidden or forgotten in a mine cart deep within an abandoned and/or haunted mine.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use the table below, to determine what the PCs find:

  1. Rocks fill this cart.
  2. Half full of rocks, water dripping down from the ceiling has filled the balance of the cart.
  3. This cart is empty, but for a pair of pickaxes.
  4. The white bones of a dead miner clad in dusty, torn clothes lies in the bottom of this mine cart.
  5. A half-dozen sturdy piece of lumber—pit props—stick out of this cart, nearly touching the ceiling.
  6. Filled with a mix of mining equipment, this cart contains two small lanterns, four flasks of oil and a broken pick.
  7. A huge slab of rock fills this cart; the miners discovered a small silver deposit in the rock, but this lies in the rock’s underside and isn’t visible unless the rock is tipped out of the cart.
  8. The traces for a pit pony are still attached to this cart, but of the pony there is no sign.
  9. Gravel fills this cart, to the brim.
  10. A fine lair of cobwebs cling to the wheels of this cart, indicating it has not moved for quite some time.
  11. A smear of dried blood coats the front of this cart.
  12. The white rock filling this cart is of a different type to that found in most of the mine; the deposit from whence it came lies far away.
  13. A tarpaulin covers this cart. Within, lie mouldering food stuffs as well as a supply of torches and candles.
  14. As #13, but water dripping from above has rendered the torches and candles useless until dried.
  15. A large bag of nails, along with various lengths of thick wood fill this cart. Atop the wood, lie several large hammers.
  16. Used as a bin, this cart holds a dozen or so broken picks, shovels and so on.
  17. A precarious pile of rocks fills this cart; if the cart is moved some tumble out with a loud clatter.
  18. This rusty cart lies on its side; the bottom falls out if any appreciable weight is placed inside.
  19. This upside down cart is missing one of its wheels.
  20. A bizarre mishmash of bones fills this cart; they don’t seem to have come from a humanoid.

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3 thoughts on “20 Things to Find in a Mine Cart

  1. 21. Strange stone/petrified eggs with unusual patterns that seem to be part of the shell.

    22. The cart is dusty, but the dust has recently been disturbed. Also, the wheels of the cart have been well oiled and show recent care, even though the rest of the cart seems old & worn.

    23. Baby Umber Hulks!

    24. Chiseled and hammer smashed stones fill half the cart, but on top is the cracked, but recognizable head of a Mind Flayer ‘crafted’ in smooth, lifelike, pale-gray, granite.

    25. This cart is topped by a dusty, grey canvas tarp, underneath is a cache of common medium to small melee weapons of typical quality – they are poorly cared for, but were oiled before being stored and are thus still serviceable. There is a small chance that one of them is magical.

    26. A strange machine can be found under the tarp that covers this cart. It is a Gnomish Repeating Hammer Engine, designed for mining and fueled by spell energy – but, lacks instructions.

    27. This cart holds a petrified goblin with a shocked and fearful expression on its face.

    28. A number of claw marks and other scratches cover the inside of the this cart, with a few puncturing through to the outside. A single talon can be found embedded on the inside of the cart.

    29. This cart is larger by half than other similar carts, but still in good condition and recently used. It seems to have been Enlarged, but the spell does not seem to have ever worn off.

    30. It’s a Mimic!!