Mystic Ruins: Lost Treasures

Wizard’s towers, the laboratories of mad alchemists and the ruins of elder empire: all are favourite sites for adventurers seeking wealth and magic. Not everything found in such places, holds earth-shattering magic…

Small Treasure Hoard: William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Small Treasure Hoard: William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Not all treasures found in such locales, however, contain powerful elder magics. Some things are nothing more than fancies or minor trinkets of little value. Use this table to generate details of such minor treasures the PCs find in the dungeon. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Dozens of chips and cracks cover this fist-sized wine glass.
  2. A tiny graven statue sits off to one side, its bestial visage fixed in a toothy snarl. Its eye sockets are empty.
  3. A row of battered metal cups sit on a shelf cut into the wall, empty sockets hinting at where they used to be studded with gems and precious metal.
  4. This bronze mask is too small to fit an adult’s face, nor does it have any mouth or nostrils.
  5. A scattering of rusted coins, the face and etchings on either side too worn to make out, lies against one wall.
  6. A pile of dusty, blank scrolls sits stacked in a corner, surprisingly intact despite the mouldy surroundings.
  7. Someone has left a dining fork in the middle of the path, the metal polished to a gleam.
  8. This string of interlocked chains looks to be some manner of puzzle, intended to be manipulated so each link can slip free.
  9. A silver ring lies in a pile of ashes that fill an ancient fireplace.
  10. A yellow in the dust turns out to be a single gold tooth. It looks a tad longer and sharper than usual, even for a canine.
  11. On the floor lies a slim dagger, looking as if it were formed from pure obsidian. Splotches of blood stain the stone around it.
  12. The party’s lights reveals a tiny mirror lying half-buried in rubble. The shadows in the reflection don’t quite match the room in which it lies.
  13. A single candle formed of black wax stands in a simple holder. Its blue flame burns unwaveringly.
  14. Water still dribbles into the basin of this moss-covered fountain; a few shining pebbles lie at the bottom in the muck.
  15. A silvery chain dangles from a hook on the wall, and a brightly coloured seashell hangs from the links. The clasp looks carved from bone.
  16. What looks like a simple scrap of leather has a crude map sketched on one side, though the lines and text are blurred and hard to make out.
  17. A thick iron panel the size of a human’s palm is proper against the wall. Several lines of delicate eldritch runes decorate one face.
  18. A dozen notches mark the top of an old table—all of them empty but for one, which holds a purple crystal the size of a thumbnail.
  19. This small clay jar is surprisingly heavy, especially since it contains just a few pinches of an unknown crimson powder.
  20. A gnarled staff lies amidst the clutter, a crystal chunk embedded in the wooden knot atop it.

Urban Dressing: Mystic Ruins

If you want more cool details for the mystic ruins in your campaign, check out Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins. Jammed packed full of advice for transforming the ruins of eldritch powers long since gone into an unforgettable dungeon, Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins is an essential resource for GMs everywhere!

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5 thoughts on “Mystic Ruins: Lost Treasures

  1. There are some really intriguing and cool ideas here. Sometimes, that’s all that’s needed just to get an adventure or an entire campaign started.

  2. This is a great little list. Thanks! This is perfect for what we play, Nice and generic so you can easily fit it into any system. I love things like this because you can totally throw a party for a spin as they try to figure out the secrets of this “seemingly” mundane item.

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