Myvanir Sehiatyn

This tall and slender elven man wears fine-cut robes suitable for town life, but wildly impractical in the wilderness. His black hair is neatly tied in a ponytail, and his face is untroubled by any signs of ageing. 

Myvanir Sehiatyn (LG male elf wizard 2) desires to travel south into the Gray Spires to investigate rumours of the ancient, forgotten ruins said to lie somewhere within the forest. Wealthy and parsimonious, Myvanir is gaining a reputation about town both as someone interested in ancient tomes of lore and someone who drives a hard bargain. 

Personality: Myvanir is patient and although he wants to travel south, he knows the ruins aren’t going anywhere. He can afford to wait until he has amassed sufficient information and companions to guarantee success. Myvanir is also a cautious fellow and doesn’t like surprises. Highly intelligent, he is slightly aghast at Dulwich’s noise and filth.

Mannerisms: Haughty, and confident elvish ways are far superior to those of humans, Myvanir pauses before speaking to members of lesser races—after all, he doesn’t want to waste his time in pointless conversation or confuse people with facts they cannot grasp.

Hook: Myvanir learns a new group of adventurers is in town and seeks the PCs out to learn more about them. He is particularly keen to meet other elves and to form an all-elf company. Alternatively, if Myvanir learns the PCs have ancient books or artefacts for sale he seeks them out to learn more.


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