Night of the Masks

A Raging Swan Press Eventure

Every year, Duke Armas Nenonen hosts a fabulous masked ball to celebrate Ashlar’s Day of Founding. The duke’s guests number in the hundreds and include some of the most famous—and infamous—citizens of Languard and beyond. On occasion, invitations are extended to adventurers who have somehow managed to impress the duchy’s nobility. Song, dance and drink are the entertainment of the night. At the same time, secret alliances are forged or broken and sinister plots hatched in the castle’s candle-lit halls. When the masks come off at midnight, not all is revealed.

Not all quest rewards are measured in gold. Invite your PCs to the Night of the Masks and let them rub shoulders with Ashlar’s high and mighty. Deception, intrigue and opportunity await!

This eventure is suitable for any level PCs and can be used with any size group. It has also been designed to be easily adapted to virtually any GM’s campaign.

Night of the Masks is set in the City of Languard but is easily adaptable to almost any fantasy city.


What’s an Eventure?

An eventure is akin to a normal adventure, but does not (normally) feature violence or physical challenges. Instead, an eventure focuses on the use of social skills and role-play to resolve the challenges, or events, therein. Most eventures take places in a settlement or on the road. Few occur in traditional adventure locales such as dungeons, ruined castles and so on.

Eventures are an excellent change of pace and can be used as filler between adventures or as situations in which PCs who have invested in social skills can shine. They are also perfect for players who enjoy role-playing.




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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Eventure by Bart Wynants

Released 27 May  2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, Paizo, Raging Swan Press Store





A 5e Compatible Eventure by Bart Wynants

Released 27 May  2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, Raging Swan Press Store






A System Neutral Eventure by Bart Wynants

Released 27 May 2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, Raging Swan Press Store






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2 thoughts on “Night of the Masks

  1. Looks like another exciting Eventure, Creighton! I have a question for you? I have purchased the Thingonomicon in paper and it got me thinking money. Do you get more-less-same percentage for a PDF version vs paper?

    • Thank you for the question and the sentiment. I much appreciate it!

      In regards percentages and so on it depends on printing costs in relation to the RRP of the print and PDF versions. Ideally, you’d buy the version right for you, which is going to give you the most use at the table. That makes me happy!

      The very best way to support Raging Swan Press is to sign up to our Patreon campaign: which is pretty much the bedrock we build everything on now.

      Finally, did you know about our free PDF initiative? gives you free PDFs when you buy a print book from one of our partners.