Noora Toivas

Imperious merchant who hates dealing with poor people even though she once lived in the slums.

Wearing fine robes this woman is clearly wealthy. A heavy purse hangs from her belt.

Noora (LN middle-age female human) once dwelled in the slums. She parlayed her considerable skill as a seamstress into business success. She now owns a successful clothier’s business and dresses the “great and the good” of the city. 

Personality: Possessed of a forceful, determined character Noora has pulled herself out of the gutter through sheer willpower and hard work. She has no time for time wasters or slackers. She is fiercely loyal to her workers and always on the lookout for more wealthy clients

Mannerisms: Noora is not well educated—a fact she tried to hide—but slum slang still peppers her speech.

Hook: Noora is in the city on business. She is searching for more skilled workers and is visiting many clothing businesses to buy up samples of their wares; two servants—carrying bulging bags—trail in her wake. 


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