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We don’t deluge you in gobs of extra rules or options that just add complexity, confusion and bloat to the game. We simply publish richly detailed, easy to use material designed to help you, the busy GM, prepare quicker and prepare better. And, if you don’t like them, we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all our ebooks.


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Raging Swan Press now has its own online store. Stocked full of your favourite Raging Swan Press PDFs and some exclusive bundle deals, it also features our first poster maps! Hit the swan or any of the links above, to check it out.




November 6 GM’s Monthly Miscellany: November 2017 (Pathfinder; PDF) and 20 Things #20: Fort on the Borderland (SNE; PDF)

November 13 Village Backdrop: Echo Harbour (Pathfinder, SNE, 5e; PDF)

November 20 Places of Power: Dead Man’s Run (Pathfinder, SNE, 5e; PDF)

November 27 Be Awesome at Dungeon Design (SNE, epub, PDF and soft cover)





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