Panu Kallas

A reluctant cutpurse forced to ply his trade for fear of what will become of his young son.

Tall and thin, this man has a pensive look on his plain, be-stubbled face. He wears ordinary street clothes, and a subtle air of desperation seems to hangs in the air about him.

Panu (N male human rogue 3) recently fell foul of the local thieves’ guild by operating in their territory without permission. Caught and fined a handsome sum by the guildmaster’s lieutenants, he now works to pay off his debt. Sadly, the interest mounts daily, and the guild has taken his son to ensure the debt is paid.

Personality: Panu loves his son, and rages at the perceived injustice of his lot. Usually, a confident fellow, failure to pay his outstanding debt weighs heavily upon him. Patient and cautious by nature, he is getting desperate as he has not seen his son for two weeks. 

Mannerisms: Panu rarely looks anyone in the eye; he is always watching the surrounds and making sure he has an escape route. 

Hook: Panu tried to pick the richest-looking PC’s pocket. He hopes to steal something valuable to finally pay off his debt. If caught, he breaks down in tears and confesses all. 


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