Patrolling Men-at-Arms

The local lord sends patrols of soldiers up and down the road to keep it safe for travelling merchants and the like. (Robbed or murdered merchants tend to pay fewer taxes than unmolested ones). The party encounter one such patrol of six men-at-arms led by a mounted sergeant:

  • Sergeant Aatami Hopea (LN middle-aged male human fighter 2) is friendly but inquisitive of armed groups wandering the road. Grizzled and unshaven, Aatami is a veteran of many bandit skirmishes and is a skilled leader of men. He is respectful—he doesn’t want any trouble—but is determined to carry out his lord’s orders.
  • Men-at-arms (LN male human fighter 1) are bored and tired.  They wear chainmail and carry steel shields. In battle, they wield longswords or spears. Loyal to their lord, they are not suicidal and retreat from an obviously superior force.

The patrol is heading in the opposite direction to the party, and after a brief conversation—assuming the PCs answer Aatami’s questions—the soldiers continue on their way. 


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2 thoughts on “Patrolling Men-at-Arms

  1. I like this one alot, and it would be cool to have it be a recurring encounter. It could be used to introduce the PC’s to the lord, and feed them rumors or job offers.