Places of Power: Godswatch

On the banks of the raging river Kyrne, where it narrows, priests keep a holy vigil in a storied spire, the Godswatch. Consecrated in the name of countless gods, the site of a great triumph for the god of the local river, the tower is sought out by pious pilgrims and frequented by inquisitive priests, for few have as much knowledge of distant or esoteric religions as its caretakers. Faith, the tower’s priestess, welcomes every traveller regardless of his or her purpose.


By Dyson Logos

By Dyson Logos


However, the Godswatch is also a watchtower. Not only does it dutifully protect one of the few crossings of the river, it safeguards against the return of the evil vanquished by Kyrne long ago. Though they are welcoming, the caretakers are also watchful, ready to stand against anything that might break the peace they keep.

Notable  Locations

  1. Gatehouse Passage: The passage through the Godswatch is covered in stylised mosaics.
  2. Gatehouse Room: The controls for the tower’s gates are housed here, along with a few amenities placed by Mercy.
  3. Sanctuary: General ceremonies and common worship are held in the Sanctuary.
  4. Storeroom: This area is used as storage, and contains unfinished art and cleaning supplies, as well as valuable magic items and shrine goods.
  5. Kyrne’s Shrine: A large section of the third floor is devoted to the river spirit, Kyrne, and contains shrines and artwork glorifying him.
  6. Spring Sanctum: Filled with flowers and pleasant scents, the Spring Sanctum is dedicated to the gods of growth and life.
  7. Summer Sanctum: Consecrated to the gods of light, fire and passion, candles and incense burn constantly here.
  8. Autumn Sanctum: Here the gods of earth, harvest and wealth are recognised and honoured with offerings of coin and food.
  9. Sanctum of All Gods: The sanctum of all gods is dedicated to all deities who have place in the seasonal sanctums.
  10. Winter Sanctum: The secluded winter sanctum holds shrines to the gods of death and endings. Miri tends to them and keeps them clean and orderly.
  11. Tower Top: Here a magical circle enchanted to amplify sound, allows warnings and calls to worship to reach a great distance.

Notable Folk

  • Faith of Godswatch (NG female half-elf cleric 7) The priestess of Godswatch, Faith is cheerful and welcoming to all who visit. She devotes herself to all of the deities of Godswatch.
  • Mercy of Godswatch (N venerable female half-elf druid 10) An elder of the Godswatch and its former priestess, Mercy is Faith’s mother. Mercy is warier than her daughter and more inclined to emphasise the Godswatch’s role as a watchtower.
  • Miri (LN female human cleric 3) A quiet young acolyte, Miri was called to serve by the gods of the Winter Sanctum, and dedicates herself to them.
  • Werruk Blacktusk (NG male half-orc barbarian 6) Werruk is an Elder, though he is sometimes mistaken as an acolyte as he frequently tidies and cleans the tower himself.

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