Places of Power: Khla’Akear

Once the home of a violent clan of rakshasas, the holy stupa of Khla’Akear is now the monastery of the Yellow Dawn. This order of clerics, monks and wizards defeated the rakshasas, entrapping their souls within Khla’Akear’s dome. Today, the order harnesses the rakshasas’ spiritual energy to perform feats of healing, curse breaking and exorcisms of evils spirits. Khla’Akear’s wizards plumb the depths of new research into enchantment and illusion magic, the forte of the imprisoned rakshasas. Meanwhile, the Yellow Dawn’s monks continue to train, developing new techniques and strategies to defeat supernatural threats. Visitors come from across the land to learn from the Yellow Dawn, explore the stupa’s famous library and train with the fierce warrior monks. Yet, the rakshasas, removed from the cycle of reincarnation, yearn for freedom and a chance at revenge on the Yellow Dawn.


Notable Locations

Most of the Khla’Akear comprises locations of no interest to adventurers. A few locations, however, are exceptional:

  1. Sal Dei: Located on the ground floor, Sal Dei is the name given to a large and elaborate ceremonial room. Ornate carvings of religious scenes and figures cover the walls while smoke from burning incense and candles darkens the ceiling. A large statue of the Yellow Dawn’s deity squats on an altar at the far end of the room. Here, Arkar Bakshi and the other clerics tend to the wounded, sick and cursed. Arkar Bakshi is normally here aided by his most promising student, Tola Tat.
  2. Library: A winding stair leads from Sal Dei up to Khla’Akear’s second floor and the order’s library. Thousands of scrolls lie stacked in cramped bookcases. Many discuss history, philosophy and other mundane matters. Others, only readable with the Yellow Dawn’s permission, deal with the arcane, particularly the order’s research into enchantment and illusion magic as well as rituals regarding exorcisms. The library is overseen by the imperious wizard, Rachma Ma.
  3. Khla Vea: On Khla’Akear’s third floor rests a workshop primarily used by the Yellow Dawn’s wizards and occasionally, clerics. Beyond just maintaining the barriers around the rakshasas’ prison, the order’s wizards delve into arcane research regarding enchantment and illusion magic. Khemera Sor oversees the wizards here.
  4. Jorani’s Dome: The rakshasas are imprisoned within Khla’Akear’s hollow, golden dome. The hateful spirits attempt to lure the weak-minded to set them free.
  5. Training Grounds: The Yellow Dawn train extensively in a small compound located next to the stupa overseen by the order’s highest-ranking monk, Malis Soun. Even the clerics and wizards practice both unarmed combat techniques and spells here.
  6. Living Quarters: Within the compound are extensive living quarters for most of the order’s members; remaining rooms are set aside for visitors or the orphans the order occasionally takes in. A number of exotic weapons lie in storage rooms nearby. One of the order’s upcoming members, Sohka Tat oversees cleaning duties and general maintenance.



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Released 22 January 2018; Pages 12

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Released 22 January 2018; Pages 12

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