Places of Power: Monastery of the Marble Palm

On the ocean’s shore, amid steep-sided sand dunes, stands Alrakkham’s Glory—a 50-foot-tall, salt-encrusted hand carved from a single piece of blue marble. Despite being older than recorded history, the gigantic monolith shows little sign of weathering or damage and is famed for the many bizarre—and no doubt magical—phenomena plaguing the surrounding area. Localised earthquakes are common here and at night the veins in the blue marble seem to pulse in an almost rhythmic fashion.

By Dyson Logos

By Dyson Logos


Centuries ago, a forgotten mason carved out the interior of the hand to create living spaces that a variety of hermits, eccentrics and strange beings have since occupied. Now occupied by a group of monks who study the mysteries of the marble hand and its unique effects on their ki powers the place is known as the Monastery of the Marble Palm.

Notable Folk

Currently, only the three Monks of the Marble Hand inhabit Alrakkham’s Glory.

  • Ilker Magarian (LG male old human monk [Monk of the Marble Palm] 15) Ilker is the founder and leader of this small monastery.
  • Farelya (LG female elf monk [Monk of the Marble Palm] 4) Farelya is Ilker’s favoured student but lacks Yobin’s talent.
  • Yobin Kegsbottom (LN male halfling fighter 2/monk [Monk of the Marble Palm] 5) Yobin is a naturally talented monk who is growing to despise Farelya.

Notable Locations

Most of the Monastery of the Marble Hand comprises locations of little interest to adventurers. A few locations, however, are notable:

  1. Common Room: The monks welcome their guests and share meals here.
  2. Kitchen: This well-appointed kitchen is perfect for preparing the monks’ simple meals.
  3. Store Room: The monks store their provisions here.
  4. Empty Room: A small room with a ladder connecting the separate levels.
  5. Farelya’s Room: Farelya resides here.
  6. Training Hall: The monks use this area to train and perfect their skills.
  7. Ilkir’s Room: Ilkir sleeps in this modestly appointed room.
  8. Scroll Library: Ilkir stores the scrolls and manuals that detail the secrets of his new martial art.
  9. Empty Room: A small room with a ladder connecting the separate levels.
  10. Meditation Chamber: This room in the thumb of the hand serves as a meditation chamber.
  11. Yobin’s Room: Yobin claims this large room for himself.
  12. Storage Room: The monks store some possessions here.
  13. Empty Room: A small room with only a ladder leading up to Alrakkham’s Library.
  14. Alrakkham’s Library: Accessed through a secret door, Alrakkham’s library holds all of the ancient wizard’s spellbooks.
  15. Tea Room: Here, Ilkir and his disciples can share tea.

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