Places of Power: Penitent’s Rest

Far from civilisation, the Shrine of Alikandara Lat—better known as Penitent’s Rest—draws the wicked and woeful from all over the world. Founded in memory of a fallen paladin, the one-time hero of her age, the shrine is a refuge for those in search of atonement for their misdeeds. The caretakers, having overcome their own sordid pasts, now watch over an ever-changing group of pilgrims who make their way to Alikandara Lat’s cenotaph. Many hope the ghost of the ex-paladin will make an appearance to help them expurgate their sins. Others, though, have less genuine reasons for their journeys…and the fiend who centuries ago seduced the paladin into evil isn’t necessarily done with her.

By Dyson Logos

By Dyson Logos

Notable Locations

  1. Chapel: This worship space is the heart of Penitent’s Rest.
  2. Workshop: A stocked workshop for penitents to use their hands in meaningful labour to help them expurgate any sins.
  3. Penitents’ Rooms: These rooms, housing those who come to the shrine seeking atonement, are surprisingly comfortable.
  4. Living Room: Community is emphasized at the shrine, where denizens eat meals together in this warm living space.
  5. Kitchen: This well-appointed kitchen produces food for all the residents at the shrine.
  6. Supply Room: Edible, mundane and magical supplies are stored here.
  7. Caretakers’ Quarters: This simple room houses the shrine’s caretakers.
  8. The Divine Judge: This ancient statue predates the shrine.
  9. Pond: Lily pads dot this peaceful spot for meditation. The abundant fish here often provide dinner for residents.
  10. Cenotaph: The soul of Penitent’s Rest, the ghost of Alikandara Lat visits some of those who pray here in her name.

Notable Folk

In addition to penitents who come for stays of varying lengths, Penitent’s Rest has four permanent inhabitants:

  • Alikandara Lat (location 10; LG female ghost human ex-paladin 12) The ghost of the shrine’s namesake rarely makes herself known.
  • Bajer Horngard (location 2; LG male dwarf rogue 2/monk 5) This beardless dwarf arrived at the shrine about 50 years ago as a penitent, and eventually became its caretaker.
  • Bavari Sinisere (location 9; LN male human wizard [conjurer] 9) Though his companions vouch for him, Bavari Sinisere’s demeanour leaves those who meet him wondering if he’s truly reformed.
  • Honna Keenheart (location 1; LG female human cleric 5) Honna Keenheart came to the shrine in service of others, rather than out of any need for atonement.

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Released 16 May 2015; Pages 10

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