Places of Power: The Fragrant Tower

The squat, austere form of the Fragrant Tower is not much to look upon as it sits atop Spellbarrow Hill. But visitors soon find the tower to be aptly named, as they are greeted by a myriad of tantalizing scents emanating from the tower’s rooftop garden and surrounding rose hedges. Home to the wizard Tasril and his small household, The Fragrant Tower is an obvious destination for travellers with coin to spend on items of magic, or those who seek to acquire some of Tasril’s enchanted perfumes.

TAasril by Matt Morrow

Taasril by Matt Morrow


From time to time, or so the locals claim, the sweet-scented breezes from the tower carry traces of fouler odours. Widely believed to be the by-product of the wizard’s magical experiments, there are those who wonder if the perfumed halls conceal an ominous secret and if something sinister lurks in the depths of the tower dungeons.

Originally a simple watchtower, the Fragrant Tower got its name a few decades ago, when the wizard Tasril acquired the structure and took up residence with his small household. When the wind is right, the sweet scent from the tower’s roof-top garden carries for miles, guiding travellers to the squat tower atop Spellbarrow Hill.

Inside, visitors experience a myriad of olfactory impressions from the scented candles, perfumes and incense present in every room. Some of these aromatic items even have magical properties, and may be purchased by those with sufficient coin.

Tasril rarely leaves his laboratory, leaving it to his two dwarven servants to deal with any distractions or visitors. But both the wizard’s reclusive behaviour and the multitude of odours serve to cover a secret guarded jealously by the tower’s inhabitants. And while visitors are treated with every courtesy, they are also cautioned against exploring the tower.

Notable Residents

  • Oldar (LN male dwarf ranger 1/expert 2) Oldar mainly tends to the grounds outside the Fragrant Tower and to the plants in the rooftop garden.
  • Tasril (N male troglodyte wizard [conjurer] 8) The reclusive master of the Fragrant Tower does what he can to endure his current condition, while searching for a way to return to his original elven form.
  • Yanga (LN female dwarf expert 2) Yanga fulfils the role as housekeeper, cook and hostess. She makes sure the visitors’ quarters are always ready, and guests have everything they need.
  • Zhamosia (N female svirfneblin wizard [illusionist] 3) Ever since Tasril’s transformation, this faithful deep gnome has been his loyal companion and apprentice. She prefers to spend her time in the tower’s underground laboratories.

Praise for Places of Power: The Fragrant Tower

…”this place is concise, fun and a great little set-piece with quite some interesting adventuring potential.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

“Like all Raging Swan titles, The Fragrant Tower is packed with ideas for GMs that can be used in just about any campaign.”

–TriangularRoom (five stars)

“As with all my Raging Swan PDF purchases, this one follows suit in its impeccable and easily-navigable design layout and section structuring. The Tower’s map layouts are intuitive and architecturally sound. There’s no waste on each page of this PDF – the whole thing is chock full of succintly useful information. I *love* the use of Raging Swan’s tables to offer variety, options and quick ease-of-eye-access to info you really need.”

–Crai (five stars)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Jacob Trier

Released 9 July 2015; Pages 10

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