Places of Power: The Midnight Market

Astride a deep chasm separating the world of light from the eternal dark of the Ebon Realm, the Midnight Market is a place where the denizens of both worlds meet and trade in relative peace and harmony. Watched over by its vain, but merciless, mistress bloodshed is expressly forbidden within its bustling halls. Here dark-skinned drow, gruff duergar and humans from the surface realms mingle with even more exotic or distasteful folk including both those of unknown origins and the undead. For those who can curb their revulsion or violent tendencies toward those with whom they deal, the Midnight Market is a place where almost anything can be had…for a price…

By Dyson Logos

By Dyson Logos


Notable Locations

Much of the Midnight Market is given over to storage or is used as living quarters for the Night Guard and Day Guard. A few places, however, are of interest to adventurers.

  1. Entryway: The main entrance of the Midnight Market spans the chasm separating the world of light from the Ebon Realm.
  2. The Midnight Market: This is the primary trade area for the Midnight Market. Here, many things are for sale.
  3. The Elite Market: Those seeking specialized goods and illegal trade eventually seek out the elite market.
  4. Elite Storage: Crates of contraband stored for the members of the Midnight Market’s elite fill this area.
  5. Trapped Corridor: To reach Mistress Amelya’s personal chamber is never an easy task. This heavily trapped corridor is a death-trap for the unprepared.
  6. Amelya’s Chamber: This beautiful, but nearly inaccessible, chamber is home to Mistress Amelya and her entourage. Few visitors emerge from this chamber unchanged.

Notable Folk

When the market is in full swing, dozens of people of all races and descriptions can be found here, from armoured dwarves and green-clad elves to ghouls in tattered finery and dark-skinned duergar and drow. Some of the inhabitants, however, are particularly notable:

  • Mistress Amelya Van Fersker (location 7; LE female vampire enchanter 10) The beautiful seductress in charge of keeping the peace between worlds.
  • Anshelm Chellas (location 1; NE male ghast rogue 6) Ambassador to the Ebon Realm; bitter rival of Bertich.
  • Bertich (location 1; LN male human fighter 8) Chief of the Day Guard, Bertich is fanatically loyal to his lady and a rival to Anshelm Chellas.

Praise for Places of Power: The Midnight Market

“Eric Hindley’s Midnight Market is glorious: Unconventional, fun and seeded with a vast array of adventuring potential…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

Market_front_220A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Eric Hindley

Released 17 October 2016; Pages 10

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Download a Free Sample The Midnight Market At A Glance

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