Places of Power: Tumblestone Inn

Built atop the ruin of a fallen borderland keep, Tumblestone Inn stands amid the wilderlands, far from civilisation’s comforts. Within its stout walls can be found warmth, good cheer and a hearty welcome; without lies little but howling wilderness, marauding orcs and other lurking dangers.

Tumblestone Inn by Maciej Zagorski

Tumblestone Inn by Maciej Zagorski


Here, gather mercenaries, sellswords and the like eager to sell their unique services to prospective employers who also flock here to shop in a most unusual marketplace. Often the place resembles an armed camp—which is fortunate—for the vicious Jagged Fang orcs lurk nearby and gaze upon the inn and its surrounds with covetous eyes. However, the inn is not without powerful defenders of its own. Here dwells Aelliah Wilmaytn—so-called Lady Tumblestone—and the veterans of her Crimson Shield mercenary company who crushed the Jagged Fang at the Battle of Tumblestone years ago; these skilled warriors yet skirmish with the resurgent orcs and watch over the inn.

Notable Locations

Most of Tumblestone Inn comprises locations of little interest to adventurers. A few locations, however, are notable:

  1. Field of the Fallen: Here lie the fallen of the Battle of Tumblestone.
  2. Gates: These always guarded gates open at dawn and close at dusk each day.
  3. Courtyard: Overlooked by high walls, this expanse of mud sometimes serves as a temporary campsite for those who can find no place in the tavern.
  4. Stables: This large two-storey building protrudes from the outer wall. The second floor is set up both for storage and defence.
  5. Chapel of Dancing Blades: Here, mercenaries come to worship the god of war and to practise their martial skills.
  6. The Common Room: Here—in the throbbing heart of the settlement—much of the business of hiring mercenaries is done. Amid pipe smoke, deals are sealed and compacts made.
  7. The Halls: Here, the inn’s guests rest, sleep and plot.
  8. The Black Tower: So named for its fire-blackened stones, this tower rises high above the rest of the compound. It is the only part of the original keep to survive relatively intact.

Notable Folk

Most of the population are nothing more than ordinary semi-retired mercenaries and their camp followers. Some of the inhabitants, however, are notable:

  • Aelliah Wilmatyn (location 8; LN female middle-aged half-elf fighter 8) Although retired, Aelliah practises daily with her weapons and oversees every part of the inn’s operation. She loves the inn—it’s the culmination of a long-held dream—and fiercely protects it and her followers.
  • Erfael Fonkinbeak (location 6; N male gnome fighter 2/wizard [illusionist] 5) Aelliah’s lieutenant is a gregarious, hard-drinking fellow who much enjoys the taproom’s boisterous atmosphere. He might seem like a fun-loving rake—and in truth he deliberately portrays such—but in reality his eyes miss little of import.
  • Sergeant Mikko Keto (location 8; LN male old human fighter 5) Fiercely loyal to Aelliah this grizzled old warrior oversees the inn’s defences. A childhood friend of Aelliah’s mother, Mikko has served Aelliah for five decades and views her as his own flesh and blood.
  • Armas Eerola (location 5; NG male middle-aged human cleric 5/fighter 3) A devout follower of the god of war, Armas maintains the Chapel of Dancing Blades.

Praise for Places of Power: Tumblestone Inn

“From the Black Tower, still standing from the original keep, to the mercenaries herein, Creighton Broadhurst proves why he’s this highly regarded – the man *KNOWS* what he is doing.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars)

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