Places of Power: Valley of the Rocks

Hidden in a wild, untamed range of wooded hills lies the legend-mantled, mist-drenched Valley of the Rocks. This deep, cliff-fringed valley has lingered in borderland lore for centuries. Many stories speak of the valley’s otherworldly and elusive denizens, its ancient—and impossibly immense—trees and of the many travellers and explorers who have disappeared therein.

By Tommi Salama

By Tommi Salama


Remnant of an elder, forgotten time the valley is both a dangerous place and a sanctuary. For amid the gloom, stand mysterious, timeworn animal sculptures raised up for some unknowable and unguessable purpose. And among the stones linger the shades of the valley’s last guardians—a cabal of ancient, long-dead elven druids—dedicated to protecting their home from all who would despoil its tranquil, benighted depths.

Notable Locations

Most of the Valley of the Rocks comprises locations of little interest to adventurers. A few locations, however, are notable:

  1. The Kanae Falls: Here, the Malinrae tumbles over the valley’s cliffs in a series of spray-drenched tiered cascades.
  2. The Malinrae: The Malinrae’s turbulent waters flow swiftly through the valley’s depths.
  3. Wolf Rock: Moss, lichens and thick undergrowth all but obscure this sculpture.
  4. Deer Rock: Carved from a huge boulder, this sculpture depicts a stag and two young deer.
  5. The Giant’s Horn: Roughly at the valley’s midpoint, a spire of rock rises from the northern cliff. Half again as high as the cliffs, it casts a long shadow over the surrounding forest.
  6. Bear Rock: Thick bushes of thorn surround this huge statue.
  7. Solalith’s Pool: In this seemingly tranquil pool lurks the hateful spirit of Solalith Evdrearn.
  8. The Aldond: Eventually, the Malinrae flows out of the valley through a great jumble of slick, tumbled stones and into a small lake—Lake Vontyrr.
  9. Lake Vonytrr: This waters of this willow-fringed, idyllic lake of wide extent shimmer enticingly in the sunlight.

Notable Folk

  • No living folk yet dwell in the Valley of the Rocks. However, a few remnants of the ancient elves linger on:
  • Naillae Aralivar (N old female ghost elf druid 6) Naillae loves the tranquillity of the valley, but longs to once again experience the joy of being alive.
  • Rideth Cyelrae (NG venerable female ghost elf druid 13) Custodian of the valley, Rideth is a gentle soul much given to thoughtful introspection.
  • Solalith Evdrearn (location 7; NE venerable male ghost half-elf druid 3/sorcerer [undead] 8) This half-elf hid his true self from his fellows. He is not the most dangerous—but is the most vindictive—of the valley’s inhabitants.
  • Tahlys Vonothvar (NG venerable female ghost elf druid 7) Dedicated to protecting the animals dwelling in the valley, Tahyls can be a great friend or implacable enemy.

Only Solalith normally lingers in a certain location (location 7); his companions can be encountered anywhere.

Praise for Places of Power: Valley of the Rocks

“The NPCs and the location are both superb and unique. Both are richly developed, but together they serve to make Valley of the Rocks a treat.”

–GreatKhanArtist (five stars)

“This is an exercise in stellar prose and a truly superb location that deserves being added to your campaign. Get this now!”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

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