Raging Swan’s Top Ten Posts of 2016

We’ve posted scores of 20 Things articles here over the last year and I thought the end of the year was a good time to reflect on the most popular subjects. Keep reading, you might find something you haven’t seen before!

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


  1. 20 Things to Say When a PC Looks for a Trap and Finds Nothing
  2. 20 Bulky Treasures Difficult to Get Out of the Dungeon
  3. 10 Things to Find Dumped at the Dungeon Entrance
  4. 20 Things to Loot from the Body
  5. 50 Things to Find in a Haunted House
  6. 10 Things to Find in a Gelatinous Cube
  7. 10 Minor Drawback for Magic Items
  8. 10 Minor Side effects of Returning from the Dead
  9. 20 Minor Side Effects of Drinking from a Magical Pool
  10. 20 Fragile Treasures Difficult to Remove from the Dungeon

Of course, all the posts above (and scores more) and accessible from our Free Resources page.

And—as a bonus—guess what our most popular book of 2016 was as determined by page visits? This one!

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