Reijo Vihas

Ruddy-faced and bald this middle-aged man has a concerned look plastered across his face. He moves awkwardly, as if in pain.

Reijo Vihas (AL middle-aged male human expert 2) suffers from gout in his right foot and is in considerable pain. Reijo likes fine wine and dining and is only now beginning to regret his choices. A wealthy wool merchant, he has contacts throughout the duchy. 

Personality: Wealthy, but parsimonious, Reijo likes the finer things in life but doesn’t like paying full price. He loves haggling and thinks nothing of driving down the price. He has a younger wife, he loves very much but worries she is only with him for his money. Reijo is perceptive. 

Mannerisms: Reijo moves slowly and deliberately. He makes no sudden movements and grimaces in pain if he must stand up for too long.

Hook: Reijo is contemplating paying the clerics at Lawgiver’s Hall (location 2 on Dulwich’s map) to cure his gout, but is always on the lookout for a bargain. If one of the PCs is obviously a cleric, he totters up to the party to see if he can do a deal. 


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