Reiju Kylli

This skilled carpenter is keen to open his own business—and is looking for investors.

Stocky and barrel-bellied this muddy-blond haired man carries a bag of carpenter’s tools slung over one shoulder.

Reiju (CN male human) is a skilled carpenter much in demand. He does not specialise in particularly fine or ornate work; instead, he builds solid, long-lasting furniture, doors and the like. He’s previously tried his hand at singing, running taverns and even portrait painting; carpentry is the only thing he’s ever stuck at.

Personality: Slightly self-centred, Reiju can talk a good game and gets along well with almost anyone. A sycophant and a dilettante, Reiju is somewhat obsessed with his own social standing and tries to portray himself as more successful and popular than he is in reality.

Mannerisms: Bluff and hearty, Reiju loves a good, strong handshake and loud greeting. 

Hook: Reiju wants to secure a patron to back his new business—a custom door design shop. He knows adventurers have money and approaches the party to see if they’ll invest.


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