Riderless Mare

This riderless, clearly tired, brown mare trots toward you. Incongruously, a single high leather boot yet fills one of her stirrups. Deep, bloody claw marks on the horse’s rump speak of violence and flight.

Chestnut (N female horse) trots down the road having just escaped a nasty encounter; her rider was not so fortunate. Full saddlebags contain mundane travel equipment—a bedroll, several waterskins and three days of trail rations along with various other sundries suggesting whoever rode her was well-prepared for the road. 

   Personality: Frightened by her close brush with death, Chestnut is skittish. Usually a friendly, placid mare she can be placated with calm, kind words—perhaps an apple or two—and some healing. 

    Mannerisms: Overly affectionate, Chestnut is always nuzzling or nudging her owner. If given the chance, she steals any apples in the vicinity—even plucking them from people’s hands.

    Hook: A speak with animals spell enables the PCs to learn more about Chestnut’s close brush with death. Depending on the GM’s campaign Chestnut and her owner could have been attacked by wolves, an owlbear or something much worse.


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3 thoughts on “Riderless Mare

  1. This is a really nice variation on the daily NPC. Female horses are called either fillies or mares. Fillies haven’t had a colt or filly of their own yet. I would assume Chestnut is a mare, as most female horses that are ridden have had a colt/filly or two to mellow them out. Male horses are either stallions (studs for breeding) or geldings (neutered). Warhorses were stallions, as stallions are more muscular and agressive (well, as much as a horse is). Geldings were for the fields, mines and general riders.

    • Thank you, Nicole!

      I’m not wise in the way of horse terminology so I much appreciate the comment. I’ll update the text here and in the Patron-exclusive PDF now.