Rister Hämäläinen

Black, curly hair frames this man’s wan, oval face. He wears shabby, black leathers and carries a short sword at his hip. 

Rister Hämäläinen (CE male human rogue 2) irritates most people he meets with his coarse, suggestive language and obvious predilection for personal gain at the expense of others.

Personality: Odious, self-centred and violent, Rister is also lonely. After five years of petty thefts, muggings and the occasional murder, he is beginning to wonder if there is something more to life. Rister stands at a crossroads: he can turn to the light and reform his character or plunge into darkness. Much depends on who he next latches onto for Rister is an impressionable chap.

Mannerisms: Rister leers at almost every woman he meets, in a desperate attempt to prove his manhood (and subconsciously to provide himself with a reason why the women reject him).

Hook: Rejected again by another object of his affections, Rister strikes up a conversation with a male PC about life’s unfairness. If not immediately rejected, he comes to believe the PC is his friend and repeatedly seeks him out. 


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