Roylla Hairyfoot

Small and lithe, this halfling woman moved with grace and certitude. Four wickedly slender daggers hang from her belt, and two more jut from the tops of her leather boots.

Roylla Hairyfoot (CG female halfling fighter 2/rogue 2) cheerfully embraces the adventuring life and uses her small stature to lure larger enemies and rivals into a false sense of security. Deadly with the daggers she always carries, Roylla is graceful, swift and merciless in battle.

Personality: Brave, and determined to see much of the world, adventuring perfectly suits Roylla. She loves being the centre of attention and is supremely confident. As a thief she is almost a complete failure; as an acrobatic fighter, she is deadly.

Mannerisms: When bored, Roylla takes out a dagger and does flare tricks to distract herself (and to “accidentally” impress those around her).

Hook: Roylla challenges another adventurer to a dagger-juggling competition. Her blinding speed and obvious skill quickly draw a crowd; if the competition takes place outside, before showing off her skills, she coats the daggers in oil and sets them alight for a truly eye-catching display.


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