Ruin of Adventure

Two warriors leading a pair of overburdened donkeys slowly plod down the road.

These two warriors have served the Company of the Spear for the last month. A week ago, the company ventured into an old barrow mound hidden deep in the woods; they have not been seen since. 

With food running low, Vänni and Auni have given up on ever seeing the company again. They’ve taken the adventurers’ camping gear and so on instead of pay and are returning home.

Auni Himottu

Wearing chainmail and carrying a large crossbow this warrior woman has red-rimmed eyes and dishevelled blond hair.

Auni Himottu (N female human fighter 1) quietly mourns the company; she was falling in love with the group’s mage and feels his loss keenly. 

Personality: Auni laughs often and loudly—she is outgoing and welcoming—but is nowhere near as naive as she might seem. She loves her brother and sees it as her job to look after him. She loves the outdoor life, and would go travelling but feels obligated to stay with Vänni.

Mannerisms: Auni has a strong, confident stare and is quick to laugh.

Vänni Himottu

This burly, brown-haired warrior has arms as thick as a normal man’s legs, wears scale mail and carries a huge two-handed sword.

Vänni Himottu (LN male human fighter 1) lets his sister do much of the talking—she’s better at that kind of thing. 

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, Vänni serves as a warrior because his prodigious strength made such a job almost inevitable. He dreams of learning a blacksmith’s trade and escaping the mercenary lifestyle.

Mannerisms: Vänni likes showing off his figure and strength. He’s always standing in slightly odd poses or lifting heavy things that don’t really need lifting.

Hook: If offered employment and wages—at least 3 sp a day each—the pair are willing to guide the PCs back to the barrow mound into which their previous employers disappeared. The pair are not adventurers; they’ll guard camp and the like, but that’s about it.


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4 thoughts on “Ruin of Adventure

        • Amazingly, they haven’t (recently) suffered such a disaster! Although in the last session a group of 1st-level characters attacked what they thought were two mummies. Turned out, the creatures were mummified skeletons (luckily for them).