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Raging Swan’s Money Back Guarantee means that should you be less than delighted with your purchase, we’ll give you your money back!

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Raging Swan Press provides free samples for all its products - just check out a product’s web page to download them - so you can try before you buy.




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Dual Format PDFs

Everyone at Raging Swan Press (well, me) have got iPads and use them regularly in-game. As well as referencing a number of jolly useful apps, we use them to access a wide-range of PDFs. Sadly, while doing so we often get frustrated by the time it takes to render each page (particularly if there are a lot of maps and other graphics involved). This problem gets particularly noticeable when flipping through several pages quickly.

Thus, Raging Swan Press releases two versions of every PDF product it releases:

The two files are identical in content, layout and format except that one is much smaller than the other. For example, Dark Oak's print PDF weighs in at 11.1 meg while the screen-optimised version is only 1.77 meg. That means that not only is the screen-optimised version quicker to transfer to your mobile device but also that it renders much quicker than the print version of the file.

There's no additional charge for this extra, optimised PDF, you'll find it in the zip file you normally download once you've made a purchase. Rather, Raging Swan provides these PDFs in recognition that increasing numbers of gamers are using mobile devices at the game table and in thanks to all those who purchase and enjoy our products.  

Let us know what you think of this program or send us suggestions on how to improve our PDF offering.