Severina Himottu

This nobleman’s courtesan dreams of marriage and elevation to the nobility.

Slender and attractive, this woman wears a beautiful, tight-fitting black dress. A smile plays across her face as she unrolls a tightly wound piece of parchment and reads the message thereon.

Severina (CG female human) is the daughter of a semi-prosperous merchant who met her new lover when he was “slumming it” in Low City. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind of letters, stolen moments and secret meetings. Her mother knows something is going on but has thus far failed to get the truth from Severina.

Personality: While ambitious, Severina is a good person. She dreams of elevation to the nobility and has fallen for a married nobleman’s honeyed half-truths. Genuinely in love with her secret lover, Severina is optimistic about the future.

Mannerisms: Severina’s near-constant smile and occasional contented sighs broadcast to the world she is in love. 

Hook: Severina’s paramour has grown tired of her, and has realised she possesses certain letters that could cause him embarrassment, and some difficulty from his wife. He has hired several street toughs to retrieve the letters; they strike while the PCs are nearby.


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