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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM’s Resource by Richard Green

Deep in the dungeon, the PCs have finally bested the foul ogre after an epic struggle and with glee loot their fallen enemy’s chambers. With excitement in their eyes, they ask “So what treasure did the ogre have, anyway?” An answer such as “300 gp in gems, three pieces of jewellery worth 200 gp each and a large rug” is somewhat of an anticlimax, but who has the time to prepared detailed treasure descriptions these days?

So What’s That Shiny Thing, Anyway? banishes these problems by providing 28 pre-generated, ready-to-use lists containing hundreds of detailed items for the busy GM to immediately use in his campaign.
“I'll make this short in case my jubilatory tones have not made this abundantly clear - this pdf is awesome. The treasure herein enriches and customizes the adventuring experience of just about any group and the care and cool ideas that have flown into the compilation is stellar. The amount of items and loot herein and their unique properties make it possible to craft one or more truly unique dragon's hoards from these items and the added tables, the complications etc., make for a stellar icing on the cake.”
--Endzeitgeist (five stars)

“On the whole, whether you're a GM seeking a swift solution for mixing it up with your players' mundane finds for sake of a change of pace or keen to ply stories from snake-skin scabbards, creepy porcelain dolls and mysteriously flickering gems--there's ample material herein for all manner of inspiration which could serve for a great many adventures without running scarce on your supply. Given the great amount of well-written material both practical and inspiring, I found this to be a nicely satisfying supplement.”
--Gozuja (five stars)

“Beyond just flavor, however, is another underlying element: these descriptions could just as well serve as inspiration for adding additional hooks to a given story and its characters–and that is really where the ‘shiny’ begin to shine. Many of the entries provide enough of a curiosity that they have the potential to spark a given player’s interest–and an attentive GM could certainly feed off of these piqued regards to further flesh out a particular find into something more meaningful. It’s these little perks that I feel help supplements, such as this, bring lasting value to the table.”


Downloads & Links

GM’s Resource > So What’s That Shiny Thing, Anyway?

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