Siiri Auvo

Wearing the robes of a priestess of Conn, this woman carries a bulging sack.

Siiri Auvo (LN female human cleric [Conn] 1) worships at the Lawgiver’s Hall but is growing increasingly worried about the power struggle gripping the clergy and the town. Siiri spends a lot of her time on Korpela Street helping the town’s poorest citizens. There she is a popular figure who has even made some friends among the many pickpockets and thieves hanging around the area; she hopes to convert some of them and thus save their immortal souls.

Personality: Kind and welcoming to believers and non-believers alike, Siiri sees it as her life’s work to help Dulwich’s common folk live happy, prosperous and law-abiding lives. 

Mannerisms: Siiri often brings food from the cathedral to the poor folk; she is always reaching into her sack to give a child an apple or other juicy treat.

Hook: If she encounters a fellow believer, Siiri quickly pours out her worries about the power struggle between the town’s ruler—Wido Gall—and the guilds jockeying for position and power. She fears—as always—the poor and the vulnerable will be the ones to suffer the most.


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